ORIJEN Ranch Raised Beef Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

ORIJEN Ranch Raised Beef Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

ORIJEN Ranch Raised Beef Freeze-Dried Dog Treats are a healthy reward for your pet. Born and bred on farms and ranches, our beef is natural, nutritious, and full of flavor. Beef, liver, and tripe are delivered raw to our kitchen and gently freeze-dried. This process preserve the delicious flavor and rich nutrients, creating a treat that your dog will love.

These Ranch Raised Beef Freeze-Dried Dog Treats are made with 100% quality animal ingredients and natural preservatives. Our ingredients are delivered raw. Nourishing ratios of meat, and cartilage or bone, provide a natural source of nutrients with the delicious palatability and nutrition of organs, for added flavor your dog will love. Gently freeze-dried in our own kitchen without synthetic preservatives to lock in natural, delicious goodness for a pure and tasty treat and a flavor that dogs crave.

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Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein 40 %
Fat content 40 %
Crude fibre 1 %
Crude ash 9 %
Moisture 2 %


EVERY DOG DESERVES A TREAT Made with 100% quality animal ingredients with natural preservatives, our Biologically Appropriate treats are rich with protein. We all love showering our dog with affection and treats, and this healthy, wholesome reward means you can feel good about treating your dog. Featuring just five calories per treat, you can enjoy the experience of rewarding your cherished companion. HOW MANY TREATS SHOULD YOU FEED A common problem today is pets being overweight, and overfeeding is a major contributor to that. This means that you do need to be mindful about how much you are feeding your dog, and you should keep in mind how many calories they’re receiving from treats. Treats should not make up more than 10% of your pet’s daily food intake. An easy way to figure out how much 10% of your pet’s daily food intake is, is to look at the calorie content in your pet’s food. For example, if you are feeding a 10 kg [22 lb] dog one cup of ORIJEN Original per day, that would be equal to 470 kcal per day. Our ORIJEN and ACANA dog treats range from three to six calories kcal per treat. In this situation, you shouldn’t feed more than about eight treats per day. TRAINING WITH TREATS Treats are commonly used when training to help teach pets new tricks or encourage a desired behaviour. Studies show that over 75% of dog owners use rewards, such as treats, when training their dogs. It has also been found that dogs who were trained using only reward-based methods seemed to exhibit less anxiety and, overall, be more obedient. When using treats for training you want to choose a treat that can either be broken into small pieces easily or is already small. This helps to reduce the number of calories that your dog or cat may be receiving from treats in one training session. Our ORIJEN freeze-dried cat treats are a great option for dog training, due to their size. Treats for training also need a taste that pets really enjoy. This will help to encourage them to display the behaviour that you are looking for. It is also a great idea to use a few different treat flavours to help keep your pet interested and engaged in their training session.

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