PT Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait is a solution that is ready to use to kill flies in a wide range of environments. This new formula provides baiting properties which will aid in bringing flies into the treated area. It provides a quick kill with a proven baiting formula for 30 days on non-porous surfaces. PT Alpine may be used in combination with fly light products such as Vector Plasma, Vector Plasma One, and the Vector Classic for fly population reduction. It is a fast acting baiting spray that is a highly adaptable fly insecticide that can be used in both residential and commercial settings and can be applied as area, band or spot treatment applications. PT Alpine applies fast and dries clear with no mess, and leaving no odor. For the best possible prevention for flies, use the PT Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait and integrate it with other fly control products, such as residual or contact sprays, fly traps along with drain cleaners.

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