Crude Protein (Min) 18%
Lysine (Min) 80%
Methionine (Min) .40%
Crude Fat (Min) 3.0%
Crude Fiber (Max) 8.0%
Calcium (Min) 3.0%
Calcium (Max) 3.5%
Phosphorus (Min) .50%
Salt (Min) .50%
Salt (Max) 1.0%
Feed at a rate of 2% of body weight per head per day. Feed this feed and oyster shell as the sole ration from time first egg is laid throughout egg production. Always provide clean fresh water.

Texas Natural Feeds Elite Layer Pellets is a premium feed for laying chickens. 
Texas Natural Feed’s ELITE line of Non-Soy, Non-GMO feeds combines great products like Fertrell’s Nutri-Balancer and Redmond Natural Salt along with organic alfalfa and yummy peanut meal to make tasty and nutritious poultry feeds.

  • Fertrell Complete Vitamin Source
  • Redmond Salt with 60+ Trace Minerals
  • 7 Direct-fed Microbial (Probiotics)
  • Organic Alfalfa & Organic Kelp
  • Omega 3 and Essential Amino Acids

We strive to give you the best prices and personal service in the business. Call us or stop by our store to learn more about how our friendly staff can help you find the right poultry products for your flock.

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