2023 Chick Schedule

Easter Egger chickOur 2023 chick schedule is here! Chicks arrive at D&D Feed starting in February and go through June 1, 2023. See the anticipated 2023 chick schedule below, it includes arrival dates and chick types we have ordered. Note that these dates can change! The delivery from the hatchery can be delayed, or the hatch may be lower than normal. Before you load up and head on over, please CALL US to confirm delivery dates and availability!

Now is the time to start or add to your flock! D&D buys mainly (pullets). They are 95% guaranteed to be females. Some of the species we order are Straight Runs, which means you could get a male or female chick. 

Chicks are typically 3-5 days old. Chicks typically start laying eggs around 18 weeks of age.

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Are you set up for a successful chicken coop? We carry all the chicken supplies you need to raise a healthy flock like chick feeders, chick waterers, heat lamps, and more! Remember to start your chicks off right with a starter feed.

For questions about chick types or anything else, please feel free to give us a call at (281) 351-7144 or stop by the store.

Arrival DateChick Types
Friday, May 19Easter Egger Pullets
Rhode Island Red Pullets
Barred Rock Pullets
Blue Plymouth Pullets
White Leghorn Pullets
Buff Orpington Pullets
Black Australorp Pullets
delaware Pullets
Specikled Sussex Pullets

Blue Wyandotte Pullets
Blue Andalusian Pullets
Cuckoo Maran Pullets



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