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Optimize Cattle Mineral Consumption for Each Season

Deciding what cattle mineral to feed doesn’t need to be daunting. A quality balanced mineral year-round is the first step...

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Tackling High Feed Costs

Maximize efficiency to help cut feed costs without impacting production Drought, supply chain issues, high grain prices, low hay supply...

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Cattle Mineral Considerations & Tips

When making a cattle mineral selection decision, work with your Purina dealer to think through these additional considerations based on...

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Why Are Protein and Fat Critical to Cattle Nutrition?

Protein is a vital nutrient for maintenance, growth, health, reproduction and lactation in cattle. Protein supplies the microbes in the...

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Beyond The Bag

For more than a century, Purina has built connections with producers based on the goal of bringing out the best...

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The True Cost of Cheap Minerals

Quality mineral supplements are an investment in the overall performance of your herd. Balance and bioavailability Balance is key when...

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Getting the Most Eggs from Your Hens in Winter

Bring more eggs in from the cold! As cold winter weather approaches and the days grow shorter, your normally productive...

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Why Fat is Important for Performance Horses

Fat is important for performance horses. The use of fat in the equine diet has a long history.  A very...

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