Nitro-Phos Annual Fertilizer Schedule

To keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful, Nitro-Phos suggests following this annual fertilizer schedule of 5 fertilizer applications throughout the year. Visit D&D Feed and Supply with any questions you may have, we’re happy to help.

Fertilizer Application Schedule

1st Application around February 15th (late winter application)

Fertilizers for the 1st Application include Imperial Lawn Fertilizer 15-5-10 to jumpstart rapid growth and dark green color or Weed & Feed Fertilizer to kill most broadleaf weeds while promoting a beautiful, healthy turf.


2nd Application around March 15th (early spring application)

3rd Application around June 1st (early summer application)

4th Application around August 15th (late summer application)

Fertilizers for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Applications include SuperTurf Fertilizer 19-4-10 because 50% slow-release nitrogen and 4% iron promote uniform grass growth and good color. Use NITRO-PHOS Sweet Organic Lawn & Plant Food 11-0-4 as your organic substitute.


5th Application around October 15th (mid-fall application)

Fertilizers for the 5th Applications include Fall Special Fertilizer 8-12-16 for winter hardiness and disease resistance and to ensure vigorous growth in the spring.


Herbicide Application Schedule: Barricade Preemergence Fertilizer: February 1, May 1, and October/November timeframe.

Fungicide Application Schedule: Eagle Specialty Fungicide should be used in the September/October timeframe.

Have questions? Ask any of our staff, we’re happy to help.


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