Summer Feeding Tips

Storing Animal Feed | Summer Feeding TipsWant to keep your animals happy and healthy this summer? Check out these helpful tips for feeding them! 🐕🐴🦌🐂🐓

To maintain freshness, it’s best to buy smaller amounts of feed compared to what you would in the winter. Aim for a 2-4 week supply.

Be mindful of the feed you purchase. High-fat or textured sweet feeds may not hold up as well in the summer and have a shorter shelf life. Look for lower-fat options instead.

When shopping, always check the condition and date codes on the bags. Go for the freshest dates and make sure the bags are in good condition before taking them home.

Storage is key! Avoid leaving bags outside, in direct sunlight, or in hot cars or trailers. Also, make sure to store them in an area with good airflow. Ground storage can expose them to moisture and rodents, so opt for a cool, clean space if possible. And don’t forget to follow our other tips for the best results.

Before feeding, inspect open bags for any signs of issues. It’s a good idea to transfer feed from open bags into feeding containers. Use up the feed before adding new batches and regularly clean the containers. Consider only putting 1 or 2 bags in a container at a time. And remember, feed your oldest bags first!

By following these summer feeding tips, you’ll keep your feed fresh and your animals happy and healthy all summer long.


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