ADM Deer & Elk 18-4 Select

ADM Deer & Elk 18-4 Select

Discover ADM Deer & Elk 18-4 Select. A complete grain mix designed to be fed to to growing and breeding deer and elk. ADM Deer & Elk 18-4 Select is part of their proven program which incorporates the latest technical advances in cervid nutrition. It also offers ADM’s time and field-proven formulation and feed technology techniques. This program delivers the right balance of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals. As a result, it helps enable deer and elk to reach their full genetic potential.  This complete grain mix includes:

  • Multiple protein sources and balanced amino acid profile
  • Stabilized rice bran and wheat germ
  • Highly digestible energy and fiber sources
  • Balanced vitamin/mineral package, including complexed (organic) trace minerals, partial vitamin E from natural-source, and selenium yeast
  • CitriStim, PremiDex™, Thermal Care R, Antler D™*, and garlic
  • Direct fed microbia

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Feed Deer & Elk 18-4 and 18-5 products with quality forages at a rate of 2 to 6 lb per head per day or as body condition and production stage dictates. All Deer & Elk 18-4 and 18-5 products are mini-pelleted.

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