Bonide All Purpose Pasture Grass Seed

Bonide All Purpose Pasture Grass Seed

Bonide All Purpose Pasture Grass Seed is a mix of premium forage seed. Our endophyte free mix of premium pasture seed varieties grows high quality forage, and is approved for all grazing animals. These hardy grasses tolerate low grazing. They are high in sugars for energy and palatability. And, our mix includes a significant white clover component, which animals love, and which acts as a great nitrogen fixer for your pastures. Bonide All Purpose Pasture Grass Seed is a veritable smorgasbord in a bag!

Available in 25 lb bag.

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Seeding Rates: New Pasture Seeding: 40-50 lbs/acre if broadcast 15-25 lbs/acre if drilled Pasture Rejuvenation: 20-25 lbs/acre if broadcast 10-15 lbs/acre if drilled Use of a seeder, no-till drill or culti-packer is ideal. Soil-to-seed contact is vital to having a successful stand. Take caution to plant the seed ¼” deep or less. Maintaining Your Pasture: Good pasture maintenance depends on regular management steps. Rotational grazing is crucial to keeping a healthy pasture. Wait until the pasture reaches a height of 8-10 inches before moving animals into it. Do not let pasture height get below 4 inches. Fertilize pasture 3-4 times per year to maintain healthy plants and provide season-long grazing for animals.

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