Farnam SandClear Natural Psyllium Crumbles

Farnam SandClear Natural Psyllium Crumbles

Support horse digestion with Farnam SandClear Natural Psyllium Crumbles. Reduces the risk of digestive colic. Contains natural psyllium seed husk which supports the removal of sand and dirt from the ventral colon. Natural Psyllium Crumbles are ideal for horses that graze or eat off of the ground. Increased palatability due to apple and molasses flavored crumbles. Farnam Sand Clear Horse Digestive Aid Supplement also helps maintain a healthy digestive tract making it a solid option for your horse.

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For average size (1,000 lb.) adult horse – give one scoop (5 oz.) to 1.5 scoops of SandClear Natural Psyllium Crumbles daily for one full week (7 days) out of every month. Give less to ponies, yearlings and foals; more to larger horses and draft breeds. Provide plenty of fresh water to horse when using this product.

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