Manna Pro Renew Gold Horse Feed

Manna Pro Renew Gold Horse Feed

Utilize the nutritional advantages of Stabilized Rice Bran with Manna Pro Renew Gold Horse Feed. An even more effective and advanced formulation. Provide concentrated nutritional support of all types and disciplines of horses. A unique combination of stabilized rice bran with CoolStance Coconut Meal, Flax, and Fermented Yeast Culture!

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Guaranteed Analysis


Crude Protein Min 15%
Crude Fat Min 15%
Crude Fiber Max 22%
Dietary Starch Max 10.6%
Calcium Max 1.9%
Calcium Min 1.6%
Phosphorus Min 1.3%
Copper Min 28 ppm
Selenium Max 0.9 ppm
Selenium Min 0.66 ppm
Zinc Min 22 ppm
Omega 6 Min 3.7%
Omega 3 Min 0.8%
Lysine Min 0.25%
Methionine Min 0.14%



Less than one year of age ½ LB per day
One to three years of age ¾ LB per day
Mature Horse (low work load) 1 LB per day
Mature Horse (moderate to high work load) 1 ½ LB per day
Senior Horse (fifteen years or older) 1 LB per day

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