Purina Honor Show Chow Finale 909

Purina Honor Show Chow Finale 909

New and improved Honor Show Chow FINALE 909 a.k.a. Magic Bullet feed has been redesigned as an extremely high carb show pig feed to finish pigs for show. Honor Show Chow FINALE 909 is now a high-energy feed developed for growing / developing / finishing show pigs and can be fed to pigs from 50 lbs. to show. Reformulated to help produce a fuller, bigger, more robust appearance, Honor Show Chow FINALE 909 a.k.a. Magic Bullet is best fed when preceded by a high fat diet, however this feed works well no matter what precedes it. Magic Bullet also works well with our full line of HIGH OCTANE supplements when more help is needed in specific areas of the pig. Honor Show Chow FINALE 909 a.k.a. Magic Bullet is a 17% protein, 6% fat, 1.05% Lysine feed in a MEAL form designed for feeding versatility and greater intake. New and improved Finale 909 is research-proven and has been field-tested by Purina, so you be confident in its ability to make a difference in your pig. They once said there is no such thing as a Magic Bullet for getting into the show ring…they were wrong. Get your show pigs on Honor Show Chow FINALE 909 a.k.a. Magic Bullet feed today and unleash your animal’s genetic potential.

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Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein, % (min) 17.00
Lysine, % (min) 1.05
Crude fat, % (min) 6.00
Crude fiber, % (min) 6.50
Calcium, % (Ca) (min) 0.52
Calcium, % (Ca) (max) 1.02
Phosphorous, % (P) (min) 0.55
Salt, % (NaCl) (max) 0.29
Salt, % (NaCl) (min) 0.79
Selenium, ppm (Se) (min) 0.30
Zinc, ppm (Zn) (min) 240


Feed Honor Show Chow FINALE® 909 a.k.a. Magic Bullet at 6 to 8 pounds per day to pigs being fed for show from 50 pounds to show weight. Also allow free access to plenty of clean, fresh water. Caution: DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP DUE TO HIGH LEVELS OF COPPER. Special Considerations: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area protected from rodents and insects. Do not feed moldy or insect-infested feed to animals as it may cause illness, performance loss or death.

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