Pyranha Stock Guard Concentrate Insect Repellent

Pyranha Stock Guard Concentrate Insect Repellent

Pyranha Stock Guard Concentrate Insect Repellent is a synergized concentrate that effectively controls a wide range of insect. Additionally, once diluted this product is approved for use directly sprayed on livestock and with the use of back rubbers. Stock Guard can also be used as a premise spray.

Effectively Repels:

  • flies
  • mosquitoes
  • lice
  • ticks
  • mites
  • gnats and more

Available in 64-oz container.

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Pyranha Stock Guard Concentrate Insect Repellent
  • Formulated for use on animals including cattle, sheep, goats, swine, horses, poultry and dogs
  • Concentrate can be used in cattle barns, milk rooms, dairies, horse barns, poultry houses, swine houses and kennels*
  • Helps ward against flies, lice, ticks, beetles, mites and gnats
  • Designed for use in automatic misting systems
  • Concentrate makes 50 to 200 gallons.


Mix 2.5 gallons Pyranha 1-10 HP in 55 gallons water to yield a pyrethroid insecticide for non-thermal spray systems used in horse barns and dog kennels. Concentrated fly spray may also be mixed 1:21 with water for use as a space spray. Refill Instructions: Add 1/2 amount of required water to tank Add Pyranha® Stock Guard® concentrate to water while filling if possible Add balance of water while mixing or forceful spraying


Permethrin, Piperonyl Butoxide

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