Vitaferm Heat w/ IGR

Vitaferm Heat w/ IGR

Protect your performance and profits this summer with Vitaferm Heat w/ IGR.  IGR (S-Methoprene) helps to prevent the breeding of horn flies in the manure of treated cattle.

How does Vitaferm Heat w/ IGR work?
The Amaferm Advantage: Amaferm is a precision-based prebiotic that is research-proven to combat heat stress. It also helps stimulate appetite, increase feed digestibility and maximize nutrient absorption.

Capsaicin keeps cattle eating smaller meals throughout the day while also acting as a vasodilator to mitigate the effects of endophyte positive fescue. Also proven to increase water intake.

Valuable Nutrient Components:
Contains organic copper and zinc for maximum bioavailability to the animal resulting in maintained pregnancy, immunity and hoof quality.

Garlic acts as a natural insect repellent as the smell repels insects through breath and skin excretion.

Available in a 50-lb bag.

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