19% protein Specific protein levels to support duck growth

Unique and complete formula Balanced formula with all the specific nutrients ducklings need to grow and adult ducks need to maintain proper health

Niacin Includes at least 65 ppm (mg/kg) niacin to meet ducklings’ higher niacin requirements for bone growth and development, specifically in their legs

Prebiotics and probiotics Supports immune and digestive health
LYSINE 1.10 % min
METHIONINE 0.40 % min
CRUDE FAT 2.30 % min
CRUDE FIBER 5.0% max
CALCIUM 0.75 % min
CALCIUM 1.25 % max
PHOSPHORUS 0.50 % min
SALT (NaCI) 0.15 % min
SALT (NaCI) 0.65 % max
SODIUM (Na) 0.51 % max

Best Results
  1. Purina Duck Feed Pellets should be offered continuously as the sole diet to ducks starting at hatch and continuing for their entire life.
  2. Laying ducks should be offered Purina Oyster Shell in a separate feeder in addition to Purina®Duck Feed Pellets while laying eggs. The oyster shell can be removed once the ducks have stopped laying eggs for the season.

Store in a dry, well-ventilated area protected from rodents and insects.

Do not feed moldy or insect-infested feed to animals as it may cause illness, performance loss or death. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED.

Feed your ducks from day one into happy adulthood. Purina Duck Feed is specifically formulated to meet the elevated niacin levels ducklings need to grow and adult ducks need to maintain proper health. Our balanced formula is complete and can be fed to ducks as their sole diet from the moment they hatch through their entire life. Supplement this diet for laying ducks with Purina Oyster Shell for added calcium.

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