Crude Protein min 11.0%

Crude Fat min 7.5%

Crude Fiber max 5.0%

Calcium min 0.2% max 0.7%

Phosphorus min 0.3%

Selenium min 0.1 ppm

Vitamin A min 1,100 IU/lb.

Salt min 0.1% max 0.6%

High Noon Shine Em Up is a very versatile top dress because of its varied abilities and applications in your feeding program. Shine’em up works great as a top dress for your young lambs, kids and calves to put on the bloom for sale day. You can use shine’em up in your show feed program to add extra bloom and freshness to get your animals show ring ready. Shine’em up works well as a top dress on feed for cattle, rams and ewes, billies and nannies for flushing and to put on condition after a long breeding season. Shine’em up has many uses and once you start feeding it, you will not want to ever feed without it.

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