Lasalocid, 30 g/ton

Crude Protein, min 18.0%

Crude Fat, min 3.5%

Crude Fiber, max 13.0%

Calcium 1.75 – 2.0%

Phosphorus, min 0.75%

Salt 1.0 – 1.75%

Selenium, min 0.3 ppm

Vitamin A, min 13,000 IU/lb

Vitamin E, min 50 IU/lb.

Show lamb is a complete, textured lamb feed designed to transition from max start creep feeds when lambs weigh from 90 to 110 lbs. This high performance feed is formulated to achieve maximum growth, optimum body condition, muscle tone and freshness in lambs weighing over 90 lbs. Up to 145 lbs. You’ll love the show ring ready look your lambs will have after feeding high noon show lamb. Feed show lamb along with high noon top dresses to reach the desired body condition and touch.

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