Crude Protein (Min)12.00%

Crude Fat (Min)46.00%

Crude Fiber (Max)12.00%
Feed the desired amount in a tube feeder with large holes, hopper feeder, platform feeder or on the ground. Keep feeders full. Clean feeders frequently. Keep clean, fresh water available. Feed all year long.

This product contains a natural pepper source acts as a squirrel deterrent. It has real nuts packed with wholesome nuts that most desirable birds crave. No fillers, nutritionally fortified (with an added supplement), packed with added vitamins and electrolytes to help birds thrive.

It is uniquely cleaned with great ingredients without dust and debris means more food per pound.

We strive to give you the best prices and personal service in the business. Call us or stop by our store to learn more about how our friendly staff can help you find the right products for wild and caged birds.

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