For starting fish and early growth phases, use Purina AquaMax carnivorous starter diets for both species groups. Purina AquaMax Starter diets are all designed as sinking rations and contain fish meal as the #1 ingredient. These highly-digestible diets enable fish to more efficiently utilize nutrients which, in turn, reduces fecal waste and biological load in water. A precision manufacturing process reduces the amount of fine feed dust materials, which helps maintain water quality by minimizing feed waste. In some species, excessive feed fines in water can lodge in fish gills and attract bacteria and fungus. By reducing these feed fines, Purina AquaMax provides an added health benefit to fish. For fish that have reached the fingerling stage, the product line separates into diet formulations most appropriate to the species group. Floating diets are recommended for the growing stage.
Crude Protein MIN 45.00 %
Crude Fat MIN 16.00 %
Crude Fiber MAX 3.00 %
Calcium (Ca) MIN 1.70 %
Calcium (Ca) MAX 2.20 %
Phosphorus (P) MIN 1.20 %
Sodium (Na) MAX 0.60 %

100% nutritionally complete for starting fish and early growth phases for both carnivorous and omnivorous species. Purina AquaMax Grower 400 is a sinking product in a in a 3/32" extruded pellet with approximately a 50% float rate.

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